Product overview

Wire welding machines

The DDM builds welding machines for production of wire products or coil.

For example some products are fences, shelving systems, reinforcement steel mats, shopping trolleys etc.

It is possible to adjust our welding machines on the diverse requirements of our customers. We advise our customers competent - starting with the first dialogue up to the delivery.


Cold rolling cassettes and accessories

The DDM offers cold rolling cassettes with a lot of different features - suitable for smooth and ribbed wire, low required space, short changeover time needed to change wire diameter.

Very good roundness, constant weight per meter, central placement of the rollers, water cooling of the roller bearings, high lifetime of the HM-rollers, multiple regrinding possible


Drawing lines

The DDM builds wire drawing lines with the following modules.

> overhead pay offs
> descaling machines
> drawing blocks
> horizontal and vertical spoolers
> coiler


Coating units

The DDM builds units for coating of descaled wire in process.

The different coating units:
> Wet coating
> Dry coating


Straightening and Cutting machines

The DDM is an expert for wire straightening and cutting machines.

The DDM builds own straightening machines of the following models:
> Type FOX - diameter 1 - 4
> Type TIGER - diameter 3 - 8
> Type PANTHER - diameter 4 - 10
> Type RHINO - diameter 6 - 12
> Type MAMMUT - diameter 12 - 16